Salford Hundred Related Entries in PASE

Early (pre 12th Century) references to names in Salford Hundred are rare. The list of the few names associated with Salford can be retrieved from an online database called PASE (Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England).
Try this link:

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Happy Holidays and Plans for the New Year

Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

If anyone has  a request for a post theme please drop me a line.

In the Pipeline…

  • Medieval references to ale in Salford Hundred, could take a while, there are a lot of them!
  • Some thoughts on how and why the medieval period laid the foundations for the industrial revolution in the area.
  • Some statistical analysis of the data.

More soon…

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Scout Moor – Guide to Medieval and other Related Documents

Do Scout Moor archaeological surveys, as with the adjacent Rooley Moor surveys, omit medieval documentation?

There is so much in the public domain for Rooley Moor, yet two surveys failed to mention the large number of medieval charters.

Will we find medieval documentation omissions in the Scout Moor archaeological survey?

This post will outline the medieval documentation for the area known as Scout Moor. In a later post I will see how much of this data was used in the Scout Moor archaeological survey. Since later surveys adjacent to Scout Moor still omitted basic medieval sources (The Coucher Book of Whalley Abbey for example) there is lottle chance of a thorough survey of this area, since they rely on the same woefully lacking and outdated HER.

There are certainly glaring omissions when it comes to archaeological sites too, which will be detailed in a separate archaeology post.

Related Histories

Good outlines of the major historical events/sources for the area, but out of date when compared to contemporary historical analysis.

Parish of Rochdale – Retrieved from British History Online

History of the Parish of Rochdale – Retrieved from Touchstone’s site.

1610 Manor Survey of Rochdale (Touchstones site).

1626 Manor Survey of Rochdale.

History of the Forest of Rossendale – 1893, Thomas Newbigging

The Economic History of Rossendale – G. H. Tupling, M.A. (Manchester University, Economic History Series, no.4, and Chetham Society).

Spring Hill History Website – with comments and notes on the ‘Economic History of Rossendale’.

Archives with original documents

British Library – Spotland (Historical Rochdale township in which most of Scout Moor was in).

Chethams Library – inclding the Raines Collection (Contains a lot of Rochdale area material).

Rylands Library – contains original documents relating to the area

Whalley Abbey – Coucher Book, includes hundreds of medieval abbey charters relating to Rochdale and Bury.


First Series 19th Century Ordnance Survey Maps – Good details, such as old farmsteads, minor place-names and land use.


EkwallThe place-names of Lancashire – seminal work for Lancashire place-names but a little outdated.

The Place Names of Lancashire – David Mills, 1977

Under construction…

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Early References to Renewable Energy

The most common renewable energy source mentioned in Rochdale medieval and early post-medieval documents was water power.

Uses of water power

Water power was used in watermills for grinding flower and also in fulling mills, to process wool.

An early water mill in Rochdale

Near to the market on the south-west side was a house occupied by Thomas Holme,
which was reputed to have been the ancient ” Milne House ” 2 (more…)

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The Hearth Tax

Although levied in the 17th Century and after the Medieval period the hearth tax is an important resource for Medieval population estimates and detailed settlement information. The hearth tax can be a way of judging the size of a house or old hall. It is a vital layer for any archaeological/historical GIS (Graphical Information System).


Naden Head, Spotland township, Rochdale Parish, In the Hearth Tax it was assessed for 6 hearths. Evidently a substantial house and was called a “Capital Messuage” in the 1626 Rochdale Manor Survey and was claimed as the “Manor of Spotland” by a member of the Holt family.

So a 2012 archaeological survey’s claim that Naden Head was just a “farmstead” appears hard to support.

Rochdale 1666 Hearth Tax Summary



Comprehensive Hearth Tax Lancashire map and county survey under construction.

The Hearth Tax Website can be found here.

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Cause Papers of the Diocese of York – Another Online Archive.

The cause papers of the Diocese of York are now available online and range from 1300 to 1858 and references to places in Salford Hundred. Search the nearly 14,000 cases from the church courts here.

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Current Research

Since 2007 I have made discoveries that should have been registered long ago, however in 2010 I made a major discoveries to add to the cairns and barrows I found. They have been visited by English Heritage and there can be no question of the importance of the sites, one was even referred to as “ancient” 800 years ago (I found this reference a few weeks ago!).

I hope to post more soon, these discoveries show clearly that the area in question has never been surveyed, quite incredible for a country like England. I also believe there are more sites to be found….above ground like these.

Where and how did I find them? more soon….

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