Salford Hundred Heritage Society


A society has been formed to research the archaeology and early history of Salford Hundred, initially with emphasis on the area covered by the NE of Salford Hundred. The society’s website will be located here, it is currently under construction.

Why Salford Hundred?

Salford Hundred was the SE division of the historic division of the historic county of Lancashire. This historic area is now includes parts of the modern counties of Greater Manchester, Lancashire, West Yorkshire.  Studying the history of the area it makes more sense to research the historic region rather than the modern boundaries which cut across historic parishes areas. For example, the historic parish of Rochdale is now included in Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire.

What are the aims of the society?

This blog has outlined the rich and little known medieval archives that relate to Salford Hundred and Lancashire. A long-term goal is to transcribe, translate and publish relevant medieval documents.


As well as history, archaeological survey complements the research into the early origins of the area. The first project will be the survey (including geophysical survey) of a site discovered from aerial photographs.


Geophysical survey reveals exciting results, and a detailed survey on a site on Rooley Moor Rochdale confirms the the archaeological potential of the site. More details will be available to members of the society.

After advice from English Heritage a project has been started with Groundwork volunteers to survey recent archaeological discoveries, watch this space!


Contact details on this new website under construction! Please contact me via a comment to this blog.

Under construction…


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  1. I came across this site by accident, and am really impressed.
    I am working with the Manchester Centre for Regional History at Manchester Metropolitan University, and am updating the links page of the MCRH website.
    Unless the owners of this site object, I intend to include it with our links.

    Best wishes,

    • You are welcome to make a link to the site and thanks for your comment. I created the site because the history and archaeology of the area has been neglected for too long. In some cases there has been a deliberate attempt to deny the existence of sites, even by archaeologists paid to survey the area.


      • Stuart,
        Have you tried to contact me via Alan Kidd at MMU?
        Please contact me at home e-mail address as submitted or 01606 76264


      • Yes, what is your number?

  2. my e-mail is and my phone is 01606 76264


  3. hi was just wondering if you know any history of heywood having romans there? as i found a lead figure on a farm. the flo has said its roman and will be on the finds database next week, i cant find any info other than roman coins where found in heywood in 1856 any help would be appreciated

    thanks neil.

  4. I found a Roman silver denarius in reasonable condition while metal detecting near Hollingworth Lake recently.

    Mine and Neils oldest find to date.

    We regularly find German King George coins.

    Best wishes

  5. Will Stuart be visiting the Rochdale area this summer ?

    • Hopefully

      • That’s excellent news Stuart !

  6. Hello Stuart I have access and permission for lots of land in the Littleborough area.

    In one area there is an ancient tumulus just off Blackstone Edge Old road which isn’t listed on new maps.

  7. Another Roman silver coin found by me just outside Norden towards Owd Betts. I thought the romans preferred low ground ?

  8. Hello,

    How can I access all your documentation please?

    I am particularly interested in the Lower Kersal area as I am collating the history of this area.
    Particularly prior to how it is now. I have found lots of information prior to Littleton Road and all the houses being built.

    So it would be nice invite could access your if any archived information on this area please?

    Kind regards

    Phill Battye

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